Siamese Production is a film production company created by a multi-award winning directorial duo - Lukasz Machowski and Kasia Machalek.

Through the variety of documentary and narrative forms, they explore the subjects close to their hearts such as human nature and modern culture.

They collaborated with the legendary artists like Ian Emes, the Pink Floyd animator and Tim Yip, an Oscar-winning art director of the martial arts classic ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’. In the entertainment industry, they often work with DRAGONE, a Belgium-based theatre specializing in creating large-scale shows around the world.

‘Sketches from the Underground’, a black and white mesmerizing journey through the underbelly of New York City brought them festival recognition and numerous film awards including an Awards for Best Art/Experimental Film at the 20th Portobello Film Festival in London and Best Documentary, Cinematography and Journalists’ Awards at 10th Offeliada Film Festival in Poland. The movie had its U.S. premiere at the opening of the Caribbean Film Festival at the Brooklyn Museum in New York.

Corporations and media giants such as the Financial Times, BBC, CNN frequently use their services in shooting and editing TV programs and documentaries for their online streaming.

Commissioned by a Hong Kong production company Insight Studios, Lukasz shot two mid-length TV documentaries: ‘Road to Pekin’, a portrait of a historical figure important for modernization of China - an Irish politic Sir Robert Hart and ‘Finland Education’, a case study documentary that examines the unconventional early education system in Finland.

Their latest work includes directing a feature-length documentary ‘In Search of the Dragon’, a deep and honest portrait of the circus artists from around the world that came to China to create a new show. From the quirky and intriguing world of circus, we discover personal stories of the five main characters and learn about their motivations and struggles. Cultural clashes, the art of performing, courage and stage fright, building a family in a foreign continent, these are the subjects the movie explores. The movie will be distributed in cinemas across China is 2020.

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